CeramicSun 1000W 3000k CMH Double Ended Grow Light Kits

A durable, high-quality grow light kit that offers everything you need to assure your plants grow to their full potential. A complete grow light set-up that includes 1 1000W CMH dimmable ballast, 1 double ended grow light reflector, 1 1000W CMH bulb and 1 heavy duty hanger set; this kit is ready for secure installation from the moment it arrives. Every piece of this incredible grow light kit is made to provide hours and hours of use, in order to grow as many plants as possible all year long.

  • Available in dimmable as well as remote dimmable options to choose from.

  • This durable, double ended design provides impressive levels of illumination any plant will thrive beneath.

  • Provides full-spectrum light that ranges from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR) via the CMH bulb.