315W CMH Upgrade Retrofit Kit


The Growbright 315W CMH Retrofit Kit consists of the 315w Growbright ballast, a Growbright 315W CMH lamp (3000k), and an E40 to PGZ-18 adapter to be used in your old reflectors.

The ceramic metal halide (CMH) bulb produces less heat than HPS/MH lamps. As a result, the reflector can be placed closer to the plants and less ventilation is needed. In addition, the fuller spectrum of light is more like that of the sun, resulting in healthier plants, stronger growth, and higher yields. With a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of> 90%, CMH is perfect for growing high quality products and extracting essential oils.

The 3000K lamp is optimized for complete plant breeding and focuses on flowering. Through the ceramic arc tube, the lamp runs at higher internal temperatures, which means a fuller light spectrum, more power and efficiency.


With the Growbright 315W CMH Kit you can get more light, less heat, a fuller spectrum and higher yields than with HPS lamps.

A 315W CMH Conversion kit - Switch out your OLD HPS for a NEW 315w CMH - 3k



1 X 3K 315W CMH BULB.