CeramicSun 315w CMH Grow Kit

A high-quality, sophisticated, all-in-one grow light system from top to bottom. Complete with a 315W CMH Ballast, a grow-light reflector, a 315W CMH bulb and a set of heavy-duty hangers; every piece of this incredible kit is designed to provide everything you need to grow nearly anything beneath it. Optimize your yield at a lower operating temperature and with lower energy consumption than other lighting set-ups.

  • Available in dimmable, non-dimmable and remote dimmable models to choose from to best fit your grow.

  • This remarkable kit can come with either a 3000K or 4000K bulb included.

  • Provides full-spectrum light for both the vegetation and bloom stages of growth and produces as much light as an MH or HPS bulb with half the energy consumption.