CeramicSun 500W CMH Grow Light Kits

Just the grow light kit you need to assure your grow space is capable of growing nearly any type of plant desired. A set-up that includes 1 500W CMH ballast, 1 grow light reflector, 1 500W CMH bulb and a set of heavy-duty hangers; this high-quality kit is designed to provide full-spectrum light that ranges from ultraviolet (UV) all the way to infrared (IR) for use. Get better quality plants, and do so efficient, with this remarkable kit set up for use throughout their growth cycle.

  • Complete with a 3000-4000K CMH bulb included for use, this bulb can be used for both the vegetative and bloom portions of growth.

  • Available in dimmable, non-dimmable and remote dimmable models to choose from.

  • Made for truly secure installation ideal for years of possible use if desired.

Square wave ballasts may emit a slight humming noise on ignition, but this is perfectly normal as the ballast adjusts to the most efficient amperage.