CeramicSun 630W Double Ended Grow Light Kit

The perfect way to grow nearly anything imaginable any time of the year; every piece of this high-quality grow light kit is designed to provide an extraordinary level of illumination and a sizeable grow space for use if desired. A complete set-up that includes a 630W double ended grow light bulb, 1 630W CMH ballast, 1 double ended grow light reflector and heavy-duty hangers as well; this truly remarkable kit is made for secure installation within any compatible grow space for use.

  • Available in dimmable, non-dimmable and remote dimmable models to choose from to best fit your grow.

  • Designed to provide full-spectrum CMH illumination that requires less energy and produces less heat than traditional bulb types.

  • Simple to install and manufactured from nothing but durable materials from end to end.