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700W Full Spectrum LED Growlight

1000W HPS replacement!

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor
Plants, Vegetables and Flowers.

Performs Extremely Well in All Stages of Growth.  Get Higher Yields With Quality LEDs
Full Spectrum and Color Select Feature
1m x 1m Optimal Coverage
High Efficiency and Low Heat Output
For Indoor Plants, Vegetables & Flowers
Performs extremely well in cloning, vegetative and flowering cycle
Replaces 1000w HID lamp.

High quality Osram smd 3030 led chips
Use for all stages of plant growth
Full spectrum 380-780nm
Advanced LED Drivers for Higher Performance
Eliminates A/C in most grow spaces due to very low heat output

Environmentally friendly (No Mercury)
Five foot Power Cord 220v
Maximum 120° adjustable for each bar.

These lights are shipped from our suppilers warehouse to ours checked for quality control which take between 7-14 working days, please dont order if urgent without checking our current stock.