CeramicSun 315W EcoWing CMH Kit - Dimmable

An impressive all-in-one kit that allows you to truly optimize the yield of the plants grown beneath it. Designed with a built-in 315W digital ballast manufactured from the highest quality components possible, this remarkable kit delivers high-intensity, full-spectrum light at a lower operating temperature and at a lower level of energy consumption than other options available on the market. Complete with a 315W CMH Ballast, a grow light reflector, 1 315W CMH Bulb and a set of heavy-duty hangers as well; this long-lasting kit is made to install securely and provide the perfect level of illumination any plants would enjoy.

  • Compared to traditional MH or HPS bulbs, CMH bulbs produce just as much light, but at half the wattage.

  • Boasting full-spectrum light that can be used for both the vegetative and the blooming portions of the growth cycle.

  • Runs much cooler than traditional lights; perfect for use in small spaces like closets and tents.