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Samsung LM301B + 660nm Red 720W LED QUANTUM BOARD.

An incredibly well-made grow light designed to provide up to 50000 hours of illumination for use;

from end to end this remarkably high-quality Samsung LM301B + 600nm Red 720W LED Quantum Board is IP33 rated and provides full-spectrum light that allows for the growth of any plant, at any stage of life, from start to finish.

A lightweight unit with an aluminum body and a meanwell driver, this grow light is made to perform perfectly throughout every hour of use.

  • Available in several different light warmth options to choose from; 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.

  • Designed to offer an amazingly large 6-foot by 6-foot illumination space, this LED grow light can grow nearly anything beneath it with ease.

  • Start from seed and assure your plants grow to their full potential with this incredible well-made grow light included within your indoor grow.