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VEG+BLOOM Dirty 1lb

VEG+BLOOM DIRTY is enriched with organic compounds and pH ready for Peat/Soil mixes. It works extraordinarily well in Hydroponics as well. Dirty grown products will be super rich in sugars and essential oils.

VEG+BLOOM makes pH easy. Simply dissolve the amount needed into your final volume of water and check your pH. VEG+BLOOM is blended to reduce your pH to a working range of 5.6-6.5.

  • Can I use VEG+BLOOM with Coco? What about DWC?

We have a VEG+BLOOM for all growing media. VEG+BLOOM is designed to produce the most possible from your plants in whatever you decide to grow in.

  • How is it possible that a one-part dry powder is as good as multi-part nutrient lines?

Through a proprietary process of blending dry pure minerals we are able to deliver an oxygen rich blend of nutrients to your garden without the water that is used in other nutrient lines. When you dissolve VEG+BLOOM into water, that solution now contains all the essential nutrients for maximum growth potential.

  • Can I use additives with VEG+BLOOM?

Absolutely. VEG+BLOOM is compatible with all hydroponic nutrient additives. Just remember to reduce the strength of VEG+BLOOM if the additives contain NPK.